About the WCW

Come to Oakland in spring 2012 and be a part of the transformation. Record numbers of women are living in poverty. In the United States and all over the world, poverty is rising, even though, for the first time in human history we have the ability to abolish it.

The Women’s Economic Agena Project, along with it’s allies, is proud to present the 2012 Western Region World Courts of Women on Poverty in the U.S.:

*To expose the great violence poverty is doing to increasing numbers of women in the U.S.,

*To assess the toll poverty is taking on our nation’s families,

*to end this crime against humanity by building a transformative movement to eliminate poverty,

*to protect and expand public resources for the benefit of the 99%, such as truly universal health care.

History in the Making. Since 1992 there have been 37 world courts in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe giving voice to the challenges and solutions that reduce the impact of poverty in our wolrd communities. For the first time, world courts will be held in the U.S.

Come listen to the soul-searing stories and share your own, bring your organization, endorse, donate or volunteer.

Endorse the World Courts of Women on Poverty online at weap.org/humanrights/world-court-of-women.htm

Follow us on twitter: @WEAPorg
and facebook: weap.org

Donations and Inquiries:
Women’s Economic Agenda Project
449 15th Streeet
2nd Floor, Oakland, CA 94612
Email: weap@weap.org


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