About WEAP

“The Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) demands economic human rights for poor women and their families. WEAP envisions a world in which all women and their families have the skills, healthcare, shelter, and nourishment they need to enjoy happy, healthy, and productive lives. WEAP implements this vision by building the leadership of low-income women through education, training, and advocacy. WEAP recognizes that the policies that affect the poorest of our sisters affect all people. WEAP works to change societal and governmental policies that relegate women to the bottom of the economic pyramid by raising the role and visibility of poor and working people in crafting real solutions to the economic and social injustices of our time.”

The Women’s Economic Agenda Project is honored to host the Western 2012 World Court of Women on Poverty in the US and invite all our friends and allies to help make this event an invaluable and inspiring success.

WEAP believes that essential to women’s rights is the meeting of everyone’s basic economic human rights. This is why WEAP has been a consistent fighter for the fundamental human rights of all Californians, including affordable healthcare, food, housing, education, workers rights, and more.

WEAP is unique in the Bay Area. As hosts of the California Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, we have been at the forefront of the human rights movement as we protest, advocate, and raise the visibility of the role of poor and working people in crafting real solutions for our future. We have fought for the absolute right to healthcare since 1995.

As a 28 year old social justice organization, founded in 1982, WEAP brings the human rights movement a powerful vision of rights for the most destitute, and a plan on how to make this a reality. We build leadership among low-income women in order to fight for our rights more effectively on an individual and societal basis. Over the years, we have made numerous advances on multiple fronts- locally, regionally, and nationally.

This last year has seen significant activity around healthcare. WEAP’s position has always been that the best policy is a policy informed by an organized and cogent voice of the people most affected. Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums recently had WEAP participate on an advisory commission to explore options for a universal healthcare program for Alameda County’s 170,000 uninsured, 80,000 of which live in Oakland. Encouraged by this activity around healthcare, WEAP still remains clear that no matter what advances are made locally or legislatively, the struggle cannot end until the human right to healthcare is secured for EVERYONE. The number of uninsured nationally is still rising: this year counted conservatively at 47 million. We believe that to truly reap the benefits of a universal healthcare system, a federal program is key. In order to win this, as we struggle locally and regionally to make advances, we must build an educated, engaged, and powerful domestic human rights movement to not only win our rights but to guarantee their sustenance in the long run.

We invite you to use this website to educate yourself and others about your economic human rights. You will learn why it’s important to play a leadership role in securing these rights, how to elevate the discussion about the urgent need to secure health reform that is part of securing ALL of our economic rights, and how you can be a part of the movement for health justice.


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