Plenary & Roundtable Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose for Plenary & Roundtable Discussions The World Courts of Women understands that any serious discussion of poverty, jobs, and education must be grounded in the 21st Century shift from a labor-based economy to a technology-based economy. The rapidly increasing corporate investment in labor-replacing computerized and high-tech production greatly reduces the number of … Continue reading

Volunteer for WEAP and the WCW

The valuable work of the Women’s Economic Agenda Project could not happen without the support and time of our volunteers and staff. With the upcoming World Court of Women on Poverty in the US coming up May 10 – 13, we could use all the help we can get! Become a part of the historical … Continue reading

WCW Press Release

NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                           Contact the Women’s Economic Agenda Project: 510-986-8620 @weaporg Blowing the lid on an ugly U.S. truth: Why so much poverty in the midst of plenty?   New public hearings focus on violence caused by growing U.S. poverty. Widening gap between rich and poor is a violation of human rights.   … Continue reading


In the Spring of 2012, from May 10th – 13th, Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) will host the first-ever World Courts of Women on Poverty in the U.S. (WCW) to highlight the grassroots reality of the housing, jobs, and poverty crisis in this country. With advice and counsel from Corinne Kumar, the founder of the Asian Women’s Human … Continue reading

Stay Connected!

Hello WCW supporters! We are thrilled to kick off the exciting event by letting you all know how you can stay involved in the process. We encourage you to RSVP to the World Court of Women Facebook event page which will continually be updated in the run up to the event. You can also follow @WEAPOrg … Continue reading

World Court on Poverty in the US: Disappeared in America Resolution of Action

Introduction The World Courts of Women exist to rewrite our histories, reclaim our memories, and find new visions for our times. The Courts of Women are public hearings that exist to share voices of survival and resistance from the margins. Those gathered at the World Court on Poverty in the US: Disappeared in America PMA, along … Continue reading